Florianopolis gay bars

Florianopolis is definitely Gay-Friendly city. In Brazil only Rio can rival its popularity. There are tons of venues for gays and lesbians. Florianópolis Gay Carnival attracts every year almost 50 thousand spectators. The Pop Gay competition on Carnival Saturday is the highlight of the night with a beauty contest for drag queens and transgender people. DJs and partygoers from all across the globe make their way to Florianopolis for this event. Praia Mole Eco Village Resort and Spa also organizes an annual gay Carnival party along the beachfront.

Florianopolis Gay Bars | © Fervo.com.br

  • The Bar of Deca, is the most famous gay beach bar in Brazil.
  • Concorde Danceteria is a club popular among gays.
  • Another popular gay venue is Floribar Café Lounge.
  • Mix Café is a club that plays electronic music. It has Drag-Queens shows regularly.
  • Good downtown venue for gays is Sins Pub.
  • The Week Club is open in the summer only.