Florianopolis clubs

There are many clubs on the island.

Number of them are open only during the high season. Clubs and bars in northern part of the island around Praia dos Ingleses are opened mostly in the summer. These clubs can come and go from one year to another.

Florianopolis Clubs | © Confraria Hall

Most of the year-round clubs and bars are around Lagoa da Conceição. This is a good place to party if you want to meet some locals and not just tourists.

  • Confraria das Artes is one of the best clubs in the country. Brazilian supermodels and sport celebrities are known to frequent the Confraria.
  • Drakkar is a good place to go if you want to hear some live music.
  • El Divino is a wellknown chain of lounges in Brazil. You will find 3 of them on the island (El Divino Lounge in the city, El Divino Club and El Divino Beach in Jurerê Internacional).
  • Bianco Lounge is a low-key lounge with good coctails.
  • Scuna is one of the oldest bars in Florianopolis. It is near downtown, has live music and two large patios overlooking the waterfront. It is a place where people over 35 go quite often.
  • Cachaçaria da Ilha is a perfect place to have a drink with friends. Both locals and tourists come here.
  • Empório do Chopp is a bar specializing in good german beer made in Brazil.
  • John Bull Pub is a great bar that plays rock n’ roll and often has live bands.
  • O Boteco da Ilha claims to have the best happy hour on the island. It also has good beer, live music, stand-up comedy etc.