Florianopolis surf (camp)

Florianopolis has some of the most consistent surf spots in Brazil. It picks bigger swells coming from the South Atlantic and Antarctica. The best surfing periods are from early March to late May, and late September from early November. During summer, it receives a lot of swell from the east and southeast. The water temperature ranges from 15°C (59°F) in July/August to 25°C (77°F) in January/Febuary. Obviously in the winter months you will need a wetsuit.

Florianópolis Surfing | © Shutterstock

In Floripa you will find deserted breaks as well as the vibrant beaches packed beautiful people and offering the best Brazilian culture has to offer.

These are some of the surfing spots around Santa Catarina Island:

Surf Spot Experience Surf Direction Surf Frequency
Barra da Lagoa Beginners Right and left Frequent
Armação Everyone Right and left Occasional
Canasvieiras Everyone Right Rare
Galheta Everyone Right and left Frequent
Ingleses Everyone Right and left Occasional
Lagoinha do Leste Everyone Right and left Frequent
Mocambique Everyone Right and left Frequent
Praia do Forte Everyone Right Rare
Praia Mole Everyone Right and left Frequent
Caldeirao Experts Left Frequent
Campeche Rights Experts Right Occasional
Joaquina Experts Left Frequent
Lambe lambe Experts Right Rare
Matadeiro Experts Right and left Frequent
Morro das Pedras Experts Right and left Frequent
Praia Brava Experts Right and left Frequent
Riozinho Experts Right and left Frequent
Santinho Experts Right and left Frequent
Boca da Barra Pros Right and left Occasional
Naufragados Pros Right Frequent
Ponta Do Rapa Pros Right Rare

Floripa most popular surfing spots

Barra da Lagoa is an ideal break for beginners to learn to surf and perfect their technique.

Joaquina is home to one of the biggest and most consistent waves in Florianópolis. Here the waves can be bigger than 4,5 meters (15 feet).

Praia Mole is a great place to surf and even better place to see and meet beautiful people. Sometimes it can be little hard to concentrate on sufing here 🙂

Praia da Galheta offers Florianópolis’ longest rides when conditions are right.

To get details about the surfing spots, check WannaSurf.com or even better if you can get through a site in Portugese at waves.Terra.com.br

Renting a board

Beginners do not need to bring any equipment. Anything you will need can be rented at number of local surf shops. Pro surfers may want to bring their own familiar surf equipment.

One of the places where you can rent stuff is for example Evandro Santos Surf School.

Renting a board will set you back about R$50 for a day or R$ 250 for 7 days.


It is easy enough to walk-in any surf school and organize a surfing lesson. One hour costs around R$ 50. When you pay for more hours you usually get a discount.

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