Florianopolis study abroad

Besides studying portuguese in Florianopolis (see our Florianopolis language school section) students from many countries might have an option to spend a semester or a year at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) . UFSC has partnerships and cooperation agreements with institutions and organizations of 46 countries from all continents. If you are interested in this option you will need to check with your university to see if such an agreement exists.

Florianópolis UFSC | © CA Cinema UFSC

The list of University agreements is here: Sinter.UFSC.br

Guide for international students is meant for students already studying at UFSC but has a lot of useful information for prospective students as well.

UFSC is home to over 34,500 students. They offer variety of undergraduates and postgraduate programs. UFSC is internationally known for the quality of its courses in mechanical engineering, control engineering, Sanitary engineering, electrical engineering and dentistry. It constantly ranks among the top 10 universities in Latin America.

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