Florianopolis (scuba) diving

Florianópolis is not a diver’s paradise, but there are few spots worth checking out and a few outfitters that will take you to decent diving spots.

Florianópolis Scuba Diving | © Shutterstock

Reserva Biológica Marinha do Arvoredo lies on an island north of Florianopolis. It takes about 4 hours for a round trip and the cost of the trip and two dives is around R$180.

Location of Arvoredo

Florianopolis Dive Spots

These are some popular dive spots near Florianopolis:

Baia Das Tartarugas is on Arvoredo island. As the name suggest turtles can be seen here. There are also some caves.

Baia do Engenho is a place with with some soft corals on the rocks. At lower depths some bigger fish and turtles can be spotted. As the name of the beach suggest the currents are tricky here and one has to be aware of strong undercurrents.

Parcel de Boi is a site that has some wrecks a good variety of sea life. Divers here regularly spot fishes like Olhetes and Anchovas.

Recanto do Campin also known as Saco de Batismo or Baptism Bay is very popular with diving operators. Turtles can be found here.

Saco do Capim is a site with a wreck where seahorses can be found.

More details about the diving spots can be found at WannaDive.net.

How to arrange a dive?

Recommend dive places are Acquanauta and Parcel.