Florianopolis carnival

Carnival is always celebrated seven Sundays before the Easter Sunday. Therefore carnival dates vary from beginning of February to first week in March.

Florianopolis carnival dates:

  • 2015 – February 17
  • 2016 – February 9
  • 2017 – February 28
  • 2018 – February 13
  • 2019 – March 5
  • 2020 – February 25

The most popular brazilian party has various forms in Floripa. Important thing to understand that carnival is not just one event or a parade but rather serious of many events and celebrations that take place all over the island.

Even before carnival begins there are preparations and parties organized by samba schools or so called blocs (blocos). Especially famous bloc is for example Berbigão do Boca

One part of the carnival is a parade called Carnaval de Rua. This event unites locals and tourists and is a great celebration to attend. Here each samba school presents something of a theatrical act that tells a wide range of stories. The school works on their performance for months. And for participants it is a great honor to be part of the performance no matter how small or big their role is.

Many carnival celebrations are located near beaches and many famous DJs come to Florianopolis during carnival. Night clubs and other similar venues always have a special program when carnival takes place.

If you want to come during carnival time you should check what program is planned for a given year. Good place to start is Guia Floripa.

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